Product Development Partner

"Move FORWRD, get support for developing your idea, and bring it into the real world."

I specialize in supporting and guiding you and your team through the entire hardware product development journey.

My name is Jan, and I am FORWRD

I have been involved in numerous projects involving the development of hardware and software products, with a particular focus on IoT and micro-mobility. Over the years, I've managed new product development and development of teams while contributing as well as on the execution side as a mechanical engineer. 

Untangle your project, improve your team communication and boost your development with interim support in the areas you need. 

Hardware product development is a complex matter and requires a high degree of flexibility, not only from the team but also from the actual process, to realize it successfully.

Navigating the intricate world of hardware development is a daunting journey. From product development and project management to engineering expertise, market analysis, global supply chain management, quality assurance, and scaling support, I offer a trusted partnership to support and guide you through every complex challenge, ensuring your hardware dreams become a reality.