About Me

Understanding not only the product side but also the people behind the product is key to successful development.

My name is Jan, and I proudly represent FORWRD. I have an extensive background in managing diverse projects related to the development of both hardware and software products, with a distinct focus on IoT and micro-mobility. Throughout my career, I've successfully overseen new product development and team management, all while actively contributing as a mechanical engineer.

Crafting electro-mechanical machines from the ground up and steering them toward mass production requires seamless coordination among various disciplines. Recognizing the paramount importance of this holistic approach is key to achieving success.

Thanks to my professional journey, I've not only honed my technical expertise but have also cultivated invaluable skills in people management. 

I am well-equipped to assist you in uniting your team, fostering a culture of collaboration, and laying the groundwork for the timely development of dependable products.

Reusable woven handlebar tape for bicycles - GREPP Cycling Stuff AB
Connected automatic transmission for ebikes - Revonte Oy
Human machine interface - Revonte Oy
Lithium-Ion battery for light electrical vehicles - Revonte Oy
Control unit for ebikes - BLOKS. GmbH
Prototype eMTB - Revonte Oy
Android based HMI for light electrical vehicles - BLOKS. GmbH
Human machine interface for ebikes - BLOKS. GmbH/ Specialized

Track record


Grepp Cycling Stuff AB (Finland/ Sweden)

Building a brand, developing and manufacturing the first reusable woven handlebar tape for bicycles, managing the supply chain, inquiring about B2B customers, and creating a brand identity. Grepp was successfully established as a brand and product and recognized globally  in the bicycle industry.

Management of interlinked development teams for four different hardware products simultaneously. Member of the management team to develop the company product strategy and work practices. Overseeing and managing the development of electrical motors, transmission-, and other mechanical manufactured parts, antenna technology, and design of electronic hardware. 

Successfully reached the time to market of the first generation Revonte E-bike motor system with integrated automatic transmission, custom Lithium-Ion battery, and human-machine interface control unit. 

Product Design Manager

Revonte Oy (Finland)

Team Lead Mechanical Engineering

BLOKS. GmbH (Germany/ Hongkong) 

Agile people management (Servant Leader) of a mid-sized engineering department for IoT human-machine interfaces and control units for E-bikes. Process improvement of product engineering process and development of an engineering handbook for self-management. 

Successful implementation of a PLM and PDM system. Enroling an engineering handbook and establishment of an engineering change management process.

3D CAD work (design to manufacturing) of waterproof radio transmitting human-machine interfaces and vehicle control units for E-bikes. Defining product hardware requirements and qualification tests. Project coordination between Germany and China (Guangzhou area). Supporting on-site during pre-production and production ramp-up. Supervision of external engineering in China.

Achieved time to market of first BLOKS. components (incl. Display, Remote, and Control unit). Successfully introduced the mechanical department at BLOKS. Germany.

Product Development & Design Engineer 

BLOKS. GmbH (Munich/ Hongkong)

Academic Staff 

University of Applied Science (Germany)

Research project „Application of Reverse Engineering in the area of plastic injection molding tooling“ at the Research Institute of plastic material. Project and budget management, 3D CAD work, analysis of 3D point clouds, market analysis of available contactless measuring technology, and development of an innovative method for tooling recursion in consideration of contactless measuring technology and reverse engineering software. 

Successful development of a strategy for tooling recursion and implementation at a molding manufacturer.

What others say about me

Jan’s work ethic is truly commendable. His drive and determination have been pivotal in driving our venture’s success. With Jan on our team, procrastination becomes a rarity, and tasks are consistently completed with efficiency and precision.