Get an overview of my services

We can agree on an hourly billing or scope-based billing method. Product Development is a complex subject and involves many disciplines and a variety of tasks. Often it is best to discuss in a non-binding call/ video/ email chat more to elaborate on what your needs really are and how I can support in the most cost-effective way. Please reach out to me if you have further questions.

Project Management

Ensure all involved disciplines are working together and information is shared between them and stakeholders. Providing a structured framework to ensure time is spent efficiently and with focus.  

I have been managing multiple projects separately or simultaneously in the area of hardware development. I'm familiar with teams working onsite, hybrid, or fully remote. With a deep technical understanding, I can contribute to successful and on-time product development. I can develop ways to plan and scope work to fit into your environment and team structure in the most cost-effective way. 

Product Management

Understanding the product you build from a stakeholder perspective is crucial to its success. To ensure your product considers all stages of its lifecycles you must specify the product correctly. 

I can provide you with the tools to ensure your product is developed on a solid base relying on requirements, user study, and use-case definitions as well as ensuring you consider the correct standards depending on the target market.

Product Engineering Process Consultancy

The term 'processes' is often misunderstood or causes uncomfortable feelings, especially in an agile and fast-moving start-up environment. It doesn't have to be that way. 

In order to develop successful products a process that is built as a guideline is helping your team to gain stability and stay within the set boundaries. I have been developing and implementing successful company-wide and department-wide processes such as Product Engineering Processes, Product Data Management Processes, and Change Processes, to stabilize product development. 

Product Development Consultancy

Is your product equipped with all the necessary elements? Timely release of a new product with the right features is essential to outpace competitors. Evolving technology will eventually make the selected product technology obsolete or overhauled. Hence, it's imperative to deliver on schedule and offer the most desired features. I can assist you in defining the right scope and focus for your product to ensure a timely market launch. Simplify and concentrate on what truly counts to create an impact. 

CAD Design

I can provide CAD design for injection molding and casting parts from the concept phase to fully industrialized parts. Accompanied by the CAD design I have an in-depth knowledge of injection tooling manufacturing which ensures the most cost-effective design of your parts. Providing design for manufacturing (DFM) and design failure mode & effect analysis (D-FMEA).

I'm familiar with CREO, SolidWorks, Fusion360, Inventor as well Onshape to ensure a smooth integration of the designed parts in your software tool environment. All provided files are fully parametric.

Due Diligence Consultancy

My commitment to due diligence is unwavering, and I understand the meticulous process investors go through when evaluating opportunities in emerging companies.

I have a deep understanding of the exacting standards and expectations investors have when considering investments in new enterprises. In addition, I possess the skills to provide comprehensive product evaluations and robust manufacturing strategy and planning. I am well-equipped to deliver the detailed insights that investors need to make informed decisions. I am dedicated to facilitating a transparent, thorough due diligence process that will ultimately pave the way for successful investments.


Sharing knowledge and experience that has been collected in several projects can be a great addition to a theoretical base. If you want to provide your team or students an insight into developing new hardware products invite me to share what it takes to design and manufacture products in a national or multinational environment where teams are in one place, separated, and distributed all over the world or even never been sitting in the same office.